The nineteen dogs  that performed best in the TEST OF COURAGE  in the Open male Class  at the 2009 Sieger Show at ULM.

For German Shepherd Dog enthusiasts, interested in a German Shepherd that is both excellent show specimen and also a dog with an exceptionally strong temperament, the “TEST OF COURAGE” at the annual German breed show – the “Sieger show – is an important source of information.

The controlling body for German shepherd Dogs in Germany, the S.V., has been aware for a long time there was need for improvement in temperament. For this reason a "test of courage" was introduced some years ago at the annual German championship - "Sieger" Show.

 In this "Test of Courage" all the dogs exhibited at the Show in the adult class are threatened, individually, by an "assailant", suitably protected with a padded arm and protective clothing.  The dogs all tested with light blows to the body with a stick.

Dogs and bitches  in the open class are obliged to pass this test before being allowed to continue  in the Show.

The dogs are graded  - T1, T2, T3, or  T 4.

Detailed below  is a brief explanation of these gradings.

T 1- This is the grading given to a dog that demonstrated sufficient courage and willingness to bite the protected arm of the assailant, but did not release on command by the handler.  This is regarded as a lack of obedience and as a result the dog fails the test. 

The German expression for this grading is: TSB AUSGEPRAGT, LAST NICHT AB.

T2 – The grading indicates that that the dog does possess a certain amount of “fighting spirit”, it is present,  but it is not sufficient to pass the test.

The German expression for this grading is: TSB VORHANDEN.

T3 – The dog does not demonstrate sufficient fighting spirit and willingness to bite to pass the test. The dog fails

The  German expression for this grading is:  TSB NICHT GENUGEND

T4 – The dog demonstrated a lack of obedience by failing to heel and rushing out to attack the assailant before being commanded to do so by the handler.  If the dog refuses to listen after having been given three opportunities it fails the test.

The German expression for this grading is:  TSB ABGEBROCHEN WEGEN MANGELNDER FURHIGKEIT


Recently another very helpful feature was introduced at Sieger Shows.  The Judges of the open  male and bitch made special attention of the dogs that had  performed especially well in the test of courage.

At the most recent Sieger show – last year in 2009 - there were nineteen males that distinguished themselves in this way.

Here is a list of the 19 dogs that performed best, together with a brief analysis of their pedigrees. 

The  list of the nineteen dogs that performed exceptionally has been set out in order of the show placing.


1. Vegas du Haut Mansard – V.A 1 – Sieger.

Sire: The 2007 Sieger Pakros di Ulmental. Pakros was sired by the 2003 Sieger Bax v. Luisenstrasse.

The Sire of Bax was the V.A. 4 Dog “Odin vom Hirschel”, who was sired by the V.A. 5 “Nero vom Herschel”.


2.  Ober von Bad -   V.A  5

Sire:  Giovanni vom Kapellenberg – S.G. 5 in the Youth class at the 1994 Sieger Show. Then exported to China where he was V.A. 4 at the Chinese Sieger show.


Giovanni was sired by the 2003 Reserve Sieger “Quantum v. Arminius”, who was sired by “Dux della Vallcuiva – V.A. 6

The Dam of Ober von Bad Boll Was “Aike zum Gigelfelsen” .  Although she was  sired by a dog with very strong temperament, “Kevin vom Murrtal” , she failed courage and was graded  T3 in 2003.


3.  Ballack zur Worringer Rheinaue  - V 23

Sire:  Reserve  Sieger 2008 “Odin vom Holtkamper Hof”

“Odin” was sired by ”Yak vom Frankengold” – V3   The Sire of “Yak” was “Hoss. V. Larchenhain” – V1 in 2000.


4. “Hillson von Athaba”   - V 40.

Hillson” was sired by “Hill vom Farbenspiel”   “Hill was sired by “Huppy von Arlett”,  V.A 8 IN 1999, but a dog that failed courage in 2000 – T3.

(Hill is known to have sired a number of animals with particularly strong temperaments, in spite of the fact that his Sire, "Huppy von Arlett", failed the test of courage on one occasion.)


5. “Duke von der Berghofer-Heide”-V 45.   (A marked  improvement in placiang. At the 2007 Sieger Show he was V 93)

Sire of Duke:   Sieger “Yasko vom Farbelspiel” – 2001 and 2002.   “Yasko” was sired by the 2000 Sieger “Ursus v. Batu” out of the Siegerin ”Connie vom Farbenspiel”- Siegerin 1997.


6.“Filou vom Ducati”  - V 48

Sire of “Filou” – “Bravos vom Steffen Haus”   Sire of “Bravos” – “Esko vom Danischen Hof” – V.A. 3  - 2002.


7. “ Iwan von der Karl-May Hohle”  - V 53

Sire the 2007 Sieger “Pakros d’ Ulmental”

Sire of Pakros ‘ the 2003 Sieger “Bax vom Luisenstrasse”            Sire of “Bax” – V.4 Odin vom Herschel.  Sire of “Odin” – “Nero vom Herschel”.


8. “Javir von Talka Marda” – V 54.

Javir”  won the working dog Sieger title in 2008 and was placed second in the “Bundessiegerprufung”  in 2009. This is  a remarkable achievement for a dog that was so highly placed in the breed ring.

It must be mentioned however, that his high placing in the breed ring was probably due to the fact that the Judge, Reinhardt Meyer was clearly anxious to encourage breeders to make more use of working lines to improve temperament. 

Whether “Javir” deserved to be placed as high as V 54, based purely from a point of view of construction, is debatable, but his outstanding performance in the Test of courage – and also that of many of his progeny – was a dramatic indication of qualities sadly missing from many top breed dogs, bred from exclusively “show’ lines.

“Javir” was sired by “Dago vom Schwarzem Pegagus”,who came from from the very best working lines.”Dago’s” sire was the top winning working dog,  “Marc vom Herculesblick”.

The Dam of  “Javir” – “Quaste von Ankenrutt” – also came from a top quality working dog background.  She was sired by one of the most important  sires of working dog winners “Aly vom Vordersteinwald”.   “Quaste” was also a reasonably good show specimen, being V 85 in the breed section of the Sieger Show.


9. “Untox von der Freiheit Westerholt” -  placed V 94

Untox” was Sired by “Odin vom Holtkamper Hof”, whose pedigree we have already discussed.

His Dam was the well-bred “Merle von der Freiheit Westerholt”, coming from the very successful kennels that have produced numerous top winners


10. “Nexx Hartis Bohemia”  - placed V 117

Sired by the well-known V.A. winner and important Sire “Dux de Cuatro Flores”, son of “Hill vom Farbenspiel”

His Dam is “Mecky Hartis Bohemia”, sired by the V.A. 9 dog “Vando vom Moorbeck”.


11. “Amor von Dorneburger Bach” – placed 119

A dog from exclusively working lines, sired by “Nando von Schloss Winnentall”, who was sired by “Bandit von Konigsstollen”

The Dam of “Amor”, “Biene von Ungalant” also came from working  stock.  She was sired by Gun von Freiherr zu Strunende”


12. “Zindane vom Kammberg” – placed V122

Zindane” was sired by “Javir”, the working dog Sieger that was discussed at length earlier.

Zindane’s”  Dam was “Iduna vom Kammberg” who also came from exclusively working bloodlines.  Her Sire was “Asco vom Klabautermann”


  13.   “Ronny vom Haus Kasfeld”  - placed V 123.

A dog with working dog bloodlines.  His Sire was “Monty vom Oberhausenea Kreuz”

His Dam, “Orle vom Haus Kasfeld” was also from exclusively working dog bloodlines


 14.“Yack vom Kammberg_  - placed V 124.

Another son of “Javir”.    His Dam, “Kira vom Petersbrunnen” came from a well-known, successful working dog kennel



15.“Hutch von der Kalten Hardt”  V. 130

Here again from working dog bloodlines. Sire “Karn vomFegelhof”  His Dam, also from working bloodlines was “Chuckie von Schloss Laer”.


16.  “Randor vom  Greven Broicher Land”   V.134

Sired by “Barry vom Suhler Wappen”   Dam “Quinta vom Cap Arkona” from the highly successful working dog “Cap Arkona” working dog kennels.


17. “Greif vom Intscheder Wehr”   V. 137

Sire: “Corax vom Rosler Clan”.  Dam:  “Cleo vom Intscheder Wehe”.    Both Sire and Dam from working bloodlines.



18.  “Aik von der Ziegelbornschneise” – S.G. 1

Sire:  “Andy von der Lemper Heide”.  Dam:  Leila von der Rodersburg”.

Here again both Sire are from working dog bloodlines.


19.  “Bronco zum Jurgenshof”-  S.G. 2

Sire:  “Tyson von der Schoffslache”

Dam:  “Vroni zum Jurgenshof”

Both sire and Dam from working dog bloodlines.



An examination of these results will reveal that of the 19 dogs that received special mention for performing with distinction  in the Test of Courage, only eight were dogs that came from “show” bloodlines.  The remaining eleven dogs were all from working dog bloodlines.

When one considers that there were 140 dogs entered in the adult  male section of the Sieger Show – the great majority of which came from “show bloodlines” and only a handful from “working bloodlines” -  it is a sad reflection of the state of the breed in Germany today with regard to temperament.

The  fact that “Javir” received a very high ( possibly undeserved!) placing of V 54, is perhaps  an indication that the Judges are aware of the temperament deficiencies and are making an attempt to persuade breeders who focus on using exclusively "show lines" to introduce working lines in their breeding programmes.

The 19 dogs that received special mention for performing particularly well in the ‘TEST OF COURAGE”.  The photographs below of the  dogs have been set out in order of their placing at the Show.  It will be evident that there is a very sharp distinction between dogs coming from "show" lines and "working lines".


                                 V.A. 1 Sieger  “Vegas du Haut Mansard”



                                            V.A. 5    Ober von Bad Boll



                                             V 23  “Ballack zur Worringer Rheinaue



                                     V.40 “Hillson von Athaba”



                                           V 45 “Duke von der Berghofer-Heide”



                                               V. 48 “Filou von Ducati”



                                            V. 53 – “Iwan von der Karl-May Hohle”



                                               v. 54 Javir von Talka Marda



                                                V.94 “Untox von der Freiheit Westerholt”



                                                V.117  "Nexx Hartis Bohemia" 





                                   V 119 “Amor vom Dorneburger Bach"





                                       V. 122 “Zidane vom Kammberg”




                                                        V.123  “Ronny von Haus Kasfeld”


                                        V.124  “Yack vom Kammberg”



                                      V. 130 “Hutch von der kalten Hardt”






                                   V. 134  “Randor vom Grenven Broicher Land”



                                                  V. 137 “Greif von Intscheder Wehr”





                                                   S.G. 1 “Aik vonder Ziegelbornschneise”



                                                           S.G  2 Bronco zum Jurgenshof




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     V. 122 “Zindane vom Kammberg”





       V.124  “Yack vom Kammberg”














        V. 130 Hutch von der Kalten Hardt