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The 2009 German Shepherd Sieger Show: An impressive event but too many dogs with faulty temperaments.

By Dennis Fisher.The annual German Shepherd Dog “Sieger” Show held in Germany every year is a spectacular event. The finest German Shepherds from Germany and also from many other countries are exhibited.  The title “Sieger” is awarded to the top, adult male and the title ”Siegerin” to the best female.

This event, that takes place annually in various cities Germany, is held in a huge sports stadium, often a soccer stadium. It attracts thousands of dedicated enthusiasts from all over the world - China, Australia, India, South Africa, Russia, and in fact every country of the world where the German Shepherd Dog is bred.

The Show extends over three days and it is a very impressive event.   This year it was held in Ulm at the Donau Sport Stadium and it was it was extremely well organized affair.

I have been attending these “Sieger” Shows since the 1970”s and this was one of the most enjoyable Sieger shows I have attended. One of the reasons was because the weather in Ulm  on this occasions was absolutely ideal.  Another reason was because the  hotel at which my wife and I stayed, the Maritim, is conveniently located within walking distance of the Show, making it very easy to attend every day.

Over the years I have seen a remarkable improvement in the quality of the dogs being exhibited. There is no doubt that top German Shepherd Dog show winners today are more strikingly handsome, athletic animals than they have ever been. They are so uniform in appearance that judges, for the most part, are only able to separate them by paying attention to minor faults in construction.

The “Sieger” this year, “Vegas du Haut Mansard”, a dog that also won the title last year, was a worthy winner. He is an absolutely superb specimen.  His spectacular, ground-covering gait and effortless movement impressed the huge, enthusiastic crowd.

An impressive feature of “Vegas” was his strong temperament that he demonstrated in the “test of courage” that all adult dogs are obliged to pass before being considered for high honors.

In this "test of courage" all the dogs exhibited at the Show, in the adult class are threatened, individually, with a stick by an "assailant", suitably protected with a padded arm and protective clothing.  If the dogs show any hesitation or nervousness they fail and are placed in a very low position.

An unfortunate feature of this Sieger Show was that there was an unusually high number of dogs that failed this test.

The German Shepherd Dog, not so long ago, had a reputation of being a breed of dog, not only beautiful in appearance, but also an excellent guard dog with a very strong protective instinct.

Unfortunately however, in recent years many breeders appear to have concentrated too much on breeding a beautiful animal with a spectacular ground-covering gait and neglected temperament.

Many German Shepherd Dogs today appear to have lost the natural, in-born, protective instinct that was once a highly regarded feature of the breed. There are far too many German Shepherd Dogs that are of no value as guard dogs.

A German Shepherd Dog with a strong, protective nature must not be confused with and over-aggressive animal. This type of temperament is frequently the result of timidity and nervousness, rather than bold, self-confidence.


Ideally, a German Shepherd Dog should be an extremely self-assured animal, a loyal companion, devoted to family members, excellent with children, approachable and tolerant of strangers, but with a natural ability to discriminate between friend and foe and an instinctive ability to immediately recognize danger when it appears.

With appropriate training a dog with this temperament can be easily trained to respond to dangers than threaten members of the family.

It is also an unfortunate fact that in recent years, quite a large number of dogs entered in the annual "Sieger" Shows in Germany, failed to pass the "test of courage" which is an important feature of the Sieger Show.

At the 2007 "Sieger" Show, there were no less than 47 whose performances in this "test of courage" was not of a very high standard.

Last year, in 2008, the figure was somewhat better as there were only 36 who failed. This does show some improvement. It is disappointing to note however, that many of these animals, who failed, came from the very best show winning bloodlines in Germany.

This year, in 2009, the situation was considerably worse. Of the 350 males entered in the Open class there were no less than 63 that failed the “test of courage”.


It is clear that if there is to be an improvement in the natural, inborn protective instinct of the German Shepherd Dog, breeders must pay more attention to breeding from animals with strong temperaments. They should concentrate on animals that performed exceptionally well in the test of courage at Sieger shows – study the pedigree of the dog in detail -  and consider making use of these bloodlines in their breeding programme.

This is particularly important if the dog is known to have come from lines that are noted for producing strong temperaments.

The study of the pedigree of animals that have performed   especially well in the test of courage is a useful exercise.  A great deal can be learnt.   It must be admitted however, that it is not always a reliable indication.  There are often occasions where a dog  with  a less than perfect temperament has produced  animals with absolutely sound, strong temperaments.



Later in this article, you will find  details of the pedigrees of the winning dogs and also details of the pedigrees dogs that failed the courage test. This makes interesting reading


If you examine these pedigrees carefully you will find that there are a number of occasions where dogs that performed exceptionally well in the courage were not sired by dogs with strong temperaments.   The following examples stand out.


 "Kwantum  vom  Klostermoor" was a well-deserved his high placing of  V.A. 4 at this Show .  "Kwantum", who performed particularly well in the test of courage – as he did also last year – was Sired by the 2006 Sieger Zamp vom Thermodos.  While Zamp is certainly one of the most successful sires in Germany at the moment and  consistently produces dogs  that do very well indeed at shows, he is certainly not known to be  a dog with an especially strong temperament.


Similarly the V.A. 3  DOG Yukon von der Bastille, whose performance in the test of courage this year and also last year,was quite outstanding, came from a Dam – Merrya von der   Vallendarer  - that failed  the courage test in 2003.


Of course it can be argued that Yukon’s Sire, Hill v. Farbenspiel, is  a dog with a strong  temperament and is also known to produce animals with strong temperaments.  Yukon clearly inherited his excellent temperament   from Hill, not from his Dam.  But one  should also not completely overlook the fact that Hill’s sire, Huppy v. Arlett, also failed the courage test  at a Sieger Show!


It is clear that  the study of pedigree, as useful as it can be, should not be regarded as a completely reliable guide  with regard to breeding dogs with strong temperaments.


One interesting feature of the Sieger Show this year was the appearance in the progeny class, for the  first time ever,  of  a  working  Dog Sieger,  Javir vom Talka Marda.    Javir won the title last year in 2008.  He was also entered in the open dog class and was placed  54th, an excellent position for a dog that come from “pure” working lines.


It is highly likely that the Judge in the Open Class, Reinhardt Meyer, who is known to attach a great deal of importance to strong temperament, made a special point of placing "Javir" higher than he would normally have been placed because of his exceptionally strong temperament.


In Javir’s progeny group there were no less than 28 animals.     Although none of these twenty eight animals were placed very highly in their classes, what was to me, a very  a interesting feature was the fact that  in this  progeny group were three litter brothers entered in the Junghundklasse  bred by the well-known and highly successful breeder of show dogs, Daniele Francioni, of the di’Ulmental Kennels,who has bred dozens of top quality show animals, including the 2007 Sieger Pakros.


Daniele Francioni  decided to mate to top the  V.A.  show bitch, Benny di’Ulmental,  coming from exclusively show lines and sired by the V.A. dog Ghandi v. Arlett, to Javir vom Talka Marda – a very interesting and  unusual decision.  


Perhaps this might represent a breakthrough in bridging  the huge gap that exists between breeders of Show German Shepherds and Working German Shepherds.   If it  is, it is certainly long overdue.  For far too long breeders of show dogs have ignored working dogs in their breeding programme  and breeders of working dogs have done the same.


On this website you will find a great deal of further information about this subject in other articles I have written about the problems that exist between the two quite definite different groups of breeders.  You'll also find  suggestions how this huge problem can be resolved.





Details of the pedigrees of the V.A. males and the top V. Dogs and details of the pedigrees of the dogs that failed the courage test

In recent years, quite a large number of dogs entered in the annual "Sieger" Shows in Germany, failed to pass the "test of courage" which is an important feature of the Sieger Show.

At the 2007 "Sieger" Show, there were no less than 47 whose performances in this "test of courage" was not of a very high standard.

Last year, in 2008, the figure was somewhat better as there were only 36 who failed. This does show some improvement. It is disappointing to note however, that many of these animals, who failed, came from the very best show winning bloodlines in Germany.

This year, in 2009, the situation was considerably worse. Of the more than 300 males entered in the Open class there were no less than 63 that failed the “test of courage”.

Details of the 63 dogs that failed the “test of courage” appear  in this article after the list of dogs that received the V.A.(Excellent select) grading and the top ten dogs that received the “V’ – excellent grading.

The failure to pass this test of courage may have been due to a number of different reasons. The dogs that fail are graded in the following manner.

T1 – Even though the dog showed sufficient fighting spirit the dog di not  “release” on command.  There were only 3 dogs that failed in this manner.

T2 -  The dog’s fighting spirit was in evidence it was not enough to pass the test. There were 12 dogs that were graded in this way.

T3 – The fighting spirit was insufficient.  There were 43 dogs that were classified in this way.

T4 – The dog did not show sufficient control in heeling towards the blind,  There were  five dogs that classified T4.

These 63 dogs, whose names and pedigrees appear after the list of V.A. DOGS and the top ten V dogs, were not considered for high honors even though, in some instances, they had excellent conformation.


List of V.A. males and top ten placed V dogs together with brief comments about their pedigrees.

The V.A. Dogs:

V.A. 1  and 2009 Sieger – Vegas du Haut Mansard.

(Vegas was also Sieger last year in 2008)

Sire 2007 Sieger Pakros di’ Ulmental –  Dam Rangoon du Haut Mansard  (V.A.2 French Sieger Show)

Pakros – sired by 2003 Sieger Bax von der Luisenstrasse (Odin v. Hirschel V.A.)                                             Dam of Pakros – Karma vom Oschentor – Siegerin 2002.

Rangoon – Dam of Vegas – V.A 2 at French Sieger Show – Grandaughter of V.A2 Jango v. Furstenberg

An interesting feature about the pedigree of Vegas, is that there are no common ancestors in the  five generations of his Sire and Dam, yet he has proved to be exceptionally prepotent sire and has produced an unusually large number of excellent sons and daughters.

At this Sieger Show he also produced many highly placed dogs, including the young V.A. 8 dog. Bojan v.d. Pendler and also the Youth Sieger, winner of the 18-24 month Junghundklasse male dog - Sultan von der Jahnhohe.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------V.A.2 – Yerom vom Haus Salihin.

Sire- Mark vom Schwalmbergtal – V 8 2005 Sieger Show. V7 – 2004.(Sired by  Henry von der Dunieschenke V9, son of V.A. Esko v. Danieschen Hof)

Dam – Ira vom Schwalmbergtal- Sired by Kally v.der Hopfenhalle – SG3 – Junghundklasse 1996.

V.A. 3 – Yukon von der Bastillie

V.A in 2007 – V 34 in 2007.

Sire – Hill vom Farbenspiel – V.A. – (Sired by Huppy von Arlett –V.A. – Failed courage at Sieger Show in  2002 – Huppy was sold to China where he won the Sieger title.

Dam – Merrya von der Vallandarer Hohe – Failed courage – T3 in 2003)  Sired by Saber von Steffen haus.

The purpose in drawing attention to the failure of  Yukon’s Dam, Merryya, in the test of courage  in 2003 and of Hill’s sire – Huppy v. Arlett in 2000, is in no way intended as a criticism of Yukon.  He is an outstanding specimen with an exceptionally good front. It is also significant that his performance in the test of courage in 2008 and again this year was exceptional. 

His sire Hill v. Farbenspiel is also known to be a producer of dogs with very strong temperaments.  Mention of the two animals that failed the courage test is to  draw attention to the fact  that the examination of pedigrees is not always a reliable indication of the temperament  of future progeny.

V.A. 4 – Kwantum vom Klostermoor.

Sired by the 2006 Sieger Zamp Thermodos – sired by Quantum v. Arminius.

Zamp failed courage – T2 IN 2004.

Dam of Quantum – Hanni von der Waldgraben – sired by the Double sieger – 2004 and 2005 – Larus v. Batu.

Kwantum is one of the Zamp son’s with the strongest temperament.  His performance in 2008 in the test of courage was exceptional  and was also excellent this year.


V.A. 5 – Ober von Bad Boll

Sired by the Quantum v. Arminius son – Giovanni vom Kappellenberg,  Sg. 5 in the JKLR in 2004.

Dam – Aike zum Gigelfelsen – daughter of V.A. Kevin vom Murrtal  - sired by double Sieger 1998/1999 Rikkor v. Bad Boll

Aike was V.A. 11 in 2004 but failed courage in 2003.

V.A 6 – Shicco von der Freiheit Westerholt

Shicco was winner of  Youth Sieger title in 2008 in an exceptionally strong class of top quality dogs.

Sire- Maestro vom Osterberger Land – V 25 in 2006.  Exported to China-V.A. in Peking in 2006.

Maestro was sired by the V.A. DOG Nero v. Nobachtal, son of the V.A. DOG Enzo v. Burchhorn.

Shicco’s Dam, Nannila von der Freiheit Westerholt was V4 at the 2008 Sieger show. She is a daughter of the 2007 Sieger Pakros di Ulmental out of Fritzi v.d. Freiheit Westerholt, who failed courage and was T3 in 2004.



V.A. 7 -  Remo vom Fichtenschlag.

Is a  very well-constructed  dog, that did very  well at a number of shows earlier this year.  At this Sieger show he was placed ahead of some really good dogs like Dux de Intercanina, the Jugengsieger last year,Paul vom Bierstadter Hof. Clinten vom Holtkamper See and a number of other first class specimens.

Rheinhardt Meyer, an excellent,very knowledgable, clear-thinking Judge must have had good reason to place Remo so highly.  For example he gave the Working dog Sieger Javir v. Talka Marda  a very high placing of V.54, far higher than he deserved based solely on construction and movement, but he obviously took into consideration Javir’s exceptionally strong temperament and his working bloodlines which he probably considers to be  of value for show dog breeders. 

With regard to Remo, perhaps one of the reasons he was placed so highly is probably because of  the bloodlines of his Dam -Thora vom Fichtenschlag, litter sister of the V.A. BITCH "Tiana v. Fichtenschlag". Herr Meyer  made special mention of the fact that Remo came from a line of excellent producing  bitches

Last year Remo was placed S.G. 21 by Otto Korber in the Jugendklasse.

His Sire,  Ray vom Firchtenschlag, now in Australia, is a son of the  V.A. dog, "Dux de Cuatro Flores", one of Hill vom Farbenspiels best sons.   .

(It is interesting to note that since the 2009 Sieger Show, in 2010, "Remo" has been one of the most widely used Sires in Germany.  A huge number of top breeders from the most famous kennels in Germany have used him.  He is obvious producing top quality progeny)


Sire – Vegas.   Dam – Inez v. Prinzessen, placed V 23 at the Sieger Show in 2007.

Inez was sired by Henry von der Dunieschenke, who we discussed earlier in our discussion of the Reserve Sieger Yerom.   Henry is an Esko v. Danieschen Hof son out of Sira v.d. Dunieschanke, a daughter of Sasko v. Noriswand, V 3 in 1996.

The Dam of Inez was Wespe v. Streithahn, a Jango v. Furstenberg daughter.  As Esko v. Danieschen Hof was a Jango son, this represents line breeding on Jango.

Bojan, although still a young dog, deserved his V.A. rating.  He is probably the best Vegas son. Judging by the number of times  he has already been used by prominent breeders he is  very highly thought of.

His bite work was excellent and his handling, by his tall, athletic owner and handler, Wolfgang Meinen, was of the highest order.  In fact his gaiting off lead was probably the best in the Show.

V.A. 9 – Paul vom Bierstadter Hof.

Another young dog that deserved his V.A. rating, the last dog to receive this high rating.  His Sire is last year’s reserve Sieger, Odin vom Holtkampfer Hof, a son of Yak von Frankengold.  

Paul’s Dam is Riska vom Holtkamper See, sired by Wallace Agrigento, out of Wari vom Holtkamper See.   Wari failed the courage test in 2002 – T2 – AND AGAIN IN 2004 – T3.

V.1  Ustinov vom Romerland

Although Ustinov is still a young dog, he is proving a popular stud and is being used by a number of  well-know breeders and show judges.

The Sire of Ustinov is the V.A. 2. Reserve Sieger Quantum, son of Dux della Valcovia, V.A 6 in 2001, V.A 8 in 2003, but in 2004 he was T4 and failed due to insufficient control.

His Dam is Kina von Lacroz sired by Quarz Thermodos son of Kimbo v. Monchberg, She was T3 in 2003 having failed the courage test.

V2  Arex von der Wilhelmswarte

Another excellent  son of Vegas, out of Ulli von Aurelius.   Ulli was V14 in 2006 and V.A at the Italian Sieger Show in 2005.  She was sired by the V.A. dog, Nero v. Nobachtal, son of Enzo von Buchhorn.

The Dam of Ulli was an Italian bred bitch Prisca del Lagora.

V3  Paer vom Hasenborn

Paer is proving to be a very popular stud and is being used by a great many well-known breeders.  He was second to Shicco in the Youth class last year and was sired by a very important dominant Sire, Quenn v. Loher Weg.

Quenn was sired by Uran v. Moorbeck who was T3 at the 2004 Sieger Show and T2 at the U.S.A Sieger Show in 2006.




V4 Clinten vom Holtkamper See

Clinten, who was V9 last year, was sired by Idol vom Holtkamper Hof, a son of Yak v. Frankengold out of Ginger vom Kristallsee.

The pedigree of Ginger vom Kristallsee should be of particular interest to working dog breeders. Her Sire, Lord vom Georg Vicktor Turm – V2 in 1998 and Swiss Sieger in 1997 – had important working lines in his pedigree.  The Dam of  Lord  was Fara vom Arolser Schloss a very old-established kennel that concentrated  for years on breeding animals with a  strong working background.

Clinten’s Dam was Barina vom Holtkamper See, sired by Whisky von Bierstadter Hof out of Shari vom Holtkamper See.

V5 Gigolo von der Barenschlucht

Gigolo was sired by the 2006 Sieger Zamp v. Thermodos son Ole v. Fichtenslag.  Ole’s Dam was  the V.A. 2 bitch in 2001, Yonka v. Fichtenschlag.

The Dam  of Gigolo was Una vom Winnloh, sired by Ghandi of Arlett, out of Britt v. Winnloh.

V6 Dux de Intercanina

Dux was Jugend Sieger last year.   He was sired by the Sieger Zamp – T2 in 2004.

His Dam was Watschenka de Intercanina, sired by the Larus v. Batu son, Irsus Vercruz, out of Inga de Intercanina, a daughter of Hoss v. Larchenhain

V7 – Fanto von Renderau

Sired by the Italian bred dog Tor di Casa Nobili, a son of Mark della Valcuvia.

His Dam was Rebecca Van Het Tjeuke Meer, bred in Holland and sired by the Ursus son, Jaguar von der Mausepitz.

V8 – Digger vom Elzmundungsraum

Digger was V11 last year. He is the son of the 2006 Sieger Zamp out of  Xantia vom Elzmundungsraum.

 Xantia  failed courage at the 2001 Sieger Show and was T3.  At the 2002 Sieger Show however,  she was Reserve Siegerin.

She is a daughter of the V.A. DOG Enzo v. Buchhorn and Quelle vom Elzmundungsraum.

V9 – Igor von der Rommelsbach

Igor was sired  by Quantum v. Arminius. V.A.2 and  Reserve Sieger in 2006, the son of Dux della Valcuvia. 

The Dam of Igor was Diva von der Rommelsbach, sired by the V.A. 2, Reserve Sieger in 2002, Untox von Ducati out of Tannie Daulokke’. A Danish bred daughter of Natz von Steigerhof.

V.10 Panjo vom Kirschental

Panjo was V4 last year and was expected by some to have done better this year.

He is sired by Quantum von Arminius out of  Tinkie v. Kirschental, a H.G.H bitch sired by Esko v. Danischen Hof out of another H.G.H. qualified bitch Aischie v. Kirschental.,


 Summary:  An analysis of the pedigrees of these top winning animals at the Sieger Show is an interesting exercise. It does highlight how difficult it is to breed an animal that is both an excellent specimen from the point of conformation and also one that is completely sound in temperament with a strong protective instinct.

It is a well-known – and very  unsatisfactory fact – that there exists  a very sharp division between breeders who breed dogs who can compete successfully in working trials and breeders of show dogs.  Breeders of working dogs hardly every make use of show dogs in their breeding program’s. By the same token breeders show dog never make use of working lines.   It wasn’t always like this.  Perhaps one day the situation may change.  There are a few breeders who are working towards this goal in an attempt to bridge the gap that exists between the two groups.

When one examines the pedigrees of many of the top show dogs and sees how often there are animals that failed the test of courage, it is not surprising that working dog breeders hesitate to use these show dogs – as beautiful as they are.

Positive signs. 

However, this year there are positive signs.  A very striking feature of this Sieger Show was the fact that for the first time ever at a Sieger show, the winner of the Budessiegerprufung in 2008 – the working dog Competition – the Working Dog Sieger Javir vom Talka Marda – had a group exhibited in the Progeny Class.

Although this group consisted mainly of dogs that were of a type that one usually sees in working competitions and the dogs were  not of a very high standing from a conformation point of view, it was very encouraging to see this group being exhibited.

Javir was entered in the open dog class and was placed a very creditable V 54.  This was an outstanding achievement for a working dog and in fact the highest position a working dog Sieger has ever been placed in the open class.

Another very positive feature was the fact that in the Junghund class – dogs from 18 to 24 months – the well-known Italian breeder Daniele Francioni  of the famous  di-Ulmental prefix and breeder of the Sieger Pakros di’ Ulmental, had three dogs entered sired by Javir!

The fact that they did not do very well is not important.  It is clear that Daniele Francioni recognizes the value of these working dogs offer and is making an attempt to introduce valuable features into her breeding program.

The performance of the dogs from working in the test of courage was, for the most part,  exceptionally good. A dog that caught my eye in the test of courage was a dog called Hoogan vom Vorderhain whose  bite-work was quite brilliant. Although he was placed  only V 120, he wasn’t typical of the usual working dog in appearance.  I see that his Dam – Evita vom Vorderhain – is a grand-daughter of Jeck v. Noricum, so there definitely are positive signs of bridging the gap between the two groups.




3dogs –  T1      12 dogs  T2          43 dogs  T3                5 dogs – T4

Description of  different grading in the courage test for dogs that failed.

T1 – Even though the dog showed sufficient fighting spirit the dog did not  “release” on command.  There were only 3 dogs that failed in this manner.

T2 -  The dog’s fighting spirit was in evidence it was not enough to pass the test.  There were 12 dogs that were graded in this way.

T3 – The fighting spirit was insufficient.  There were 43 dogs that were classified in this way.

T4 – The dog did not show sufficient control in heeling towards the blind,  There were  five dogs that classified T4.

These 63 dogs, whose names and pedigrees appear later, were not considered for high honours  even though in some instances they had excellent conformation.


The following three dogs were T1.

Zeckel v.d. Mausespitz

Sire  Pacco v. Nadelhaus  -   Dam – Ulana v. Nadelhaus 

Pacco was  T 3 in 2003. He is a Flick v. Baronenwald son – sired by Ulk v. Arlett.                                     Ulana was sired by Jaguar von der Mausespitz


Iso v. Schloss Schubert  -

Sired by Timo v.d. Jahnhohe – a Wallace aus Agrigento son 
Dam of Iso Kissy v. Schuberthauschen- sired  by Volvoro v. Arminius (Rikkor v. Bad Boll)


Markus v. Statu Quo                                                                                                                         Sired by Quenn . Loher Weg – Uran v. Moorbeck T3 in 2004                                                                          Dam – Queeny v.d. Malchower (Esko v. Danieschen Hof)



The following 12 dogs were T 2

Bacchus v. Merlin  -                                                                                                                        Sire – Andruscha v. Noort – Hill von Farbenspiel                                                                                          Dam – Venus v. Merlin – (Yello v. St. Michaels Berg)


 Cliffo v. Dobelner Land

Sire – Matsco v. Zellwaldrand –

Sire: Pascha v. Zellwaldrand – Larus v. Batu son.                                                                                 Dam Heydi v.d. Salzteichaue – (Niemand aus Westsachen)


Willy v. Herzen Gluck

Sire: Mark v. Schwalmbergtal  (Henry v.d. dunieschenke – Esko v.d Danieskchen Hof son)                          Dam: Tina v. Herzen Gluck – (Yasko v. Farbenspiel)


Vanos v. Noort

Sire: Vegas                                                                                                                                       Dam;  Christin v. Noort – Sired by Dux v. Haus Kalbach                                                                              Dam of Christin v. Noort – Tendrina de lat Ferme Malgre L’eau – (2005 T 3)


Diego v. Team Baierblick

Sire; Digger vom Elzmundungsraum (Zamp v. Thermodos)–Quantum v. Arminius                                        Dam: Ambra von Team Baierblick – Sieger Larus v. Batu – Ursus v. Batu

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Vero vom Laacher Haus 

Sire: Idol vom Holtkamper Hof – (Yak vom Frankengold)                                                                             Dam: Onara v. Laacher Haus – 2003 Sieger Bax v.d. Luisenstrasse


Yaspo vom Fichtenschlag

Sire: Wilko von Fichtenschlag T2 – 2005 and 2007  - (Orbit v. Tronje)                                                       Dam: Larissa von Fichtenschlag – (Pascha v.d. Jahnhohe)

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Danny von Wilhendorf –

Sire:  Teejay von Wilhendorf  –(V.A. Nero v. Nobachtal)                                                                          Dam: Reggae von Wilhendorf  – (Yasko v. Farbenspiel/Whitney aus Agrigento)


Norik dei celli Storici

Sire: Aiko vom Goldenenzweig –(Niklas van der Herdersfarm/Irina v. Wildsteigerland                                      Dam: Bonnie v.d. Burg Reichenstein –(Kimbo v. Monchberg/Victoria v.d. Burg Reichenstein


Ando von der Romerhalde

Sire: Winner v. Assaut – (Quantum v. Arminius/Pat v. Assaut)                                                                     Dam: Karla v. Schloss Weitmar –(Wallace aus Agrigento/Jara v. Schloss Weitmar


Aloisius vom Hochstadter Wappen

Jumbo di Zenevredo  (Janos v.d. Noriswand)                                                                                      Dam; Kindi vom Trienzbachtal (Quartz dei Templari)


 Finn vom Jagrund

Sire: Tiras v.d. Roten Feld  - (Yello vom st. Michael’s Berg/Sindy vom Roten Feld)                                    Dam: Enja vom Jagrund – (Playboy vom Lachenerweg)


The following  43 dogs were T3  

Ebafarmens Izaro

Sire:Digger vom Elzmündungsraum (Zamp von Thermodos)                                                                                                 Dam: Gilde Wangen’s Pluzz (Iceland)


Bacchus vom Bierstadter Hof

Sire:  Kally vom Bierstadter Hof  (Whisky vom Bierstadter Hof)                                                                      Dam: Limara vom Bierstadter Hof  (Tenno vom Bierstadt Hof)


 Tryp della Baia Imperiale

Sire: Aron della  Baia Imperiale (Mack v. Aducht)                                                                                    Dam: Vonny della  Baia  Imperiale    ( Haskot della Baia imperiale)


Xemo von Haus Gerstenberg

Sire:  Basko vom Deininghauser Park  (Kliff v. Trolbachtal)                                                                        Dam: Jaffa Daulokke’s  (Bred in Denmark) 


Berlioz de Kerastivel

Sire:  Adel van D’anzin                                                                                                                       Dam: Samara  Kerastivel


Victor de Casa Pastori

Sire:  Karat’s Ulk  (Ghandi von Arlett)                                                                                                    Dam:  Elly del Frankerwerder


Caipi vom Schacher

Sire: Vegas                                                                                                                                     Dam:  Xena vom Schacher  (Euro von Media – Sieger in China)


 Cliff von Team Radsiekbeeke

Sire: Janos v.d. Noriswand  -(Yasko v. Farbenspiel)                                                                               Dam:  Ulla v.d Radsiebeeke – (cherry v. Bergsmanshof)


---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Xaver v. Lossbroeker Haus

Sire:  Xitus vom Murrtal  - (Karat’s Yoker –T3 2006)                                                                         Dam: Chera v. Loosbroeker haus –(Jello vom Michelstadter Rathuas)


Brutus des Terres de la Serperntiere

Sire: Nando vom Gollerweiher – (Yello vom St,. Michael’s Berg/Zindy v.Bierstadter Hof)                              Dam: Sigourney des Terres de la Serpentiere –(Esko v. Danieschen Hof)


Mork dei Profeti

Sire:  Yimmy v. Contra – (Sieger Larus v. Batu)                                                                                  Dam: Venus dei Profeti – (Fritz v. Farbenspie


Elmo v. Haus Arranka

Sire: Ilbo v. Holtkamper See – (Yak v. Frankengold/Edna v. Holtkamper See)                                             Dam:  Qarmen Defile  du Paradis –(Lasso v. Lammeerbeek)


Bax dei Vichingi

Sire: Nils v. Wildsteigerland  -(Rikkor v. Bad Boll)                                                                                  Dam: Vera dei Vichingi – (Karly von Arminius)


Peppino von Isadora

Sire: Spudnik vom Dreisbachtal –(Zamp v. Schloss Runding)                                                                      Dam: Isa von Isadora –(Saber von Steffen Haus)


Vac-Vagvolgyi  Tyson (Bred in Romania)

Sire: Douglas aus  Wattenscheid – (Zamp v. Thermodos)                                                                   Dam: Vac-Vagvolgyi Olga.


Balu del Recreo

Sire:  Puskas del Recreo (Dux della Valcuvia)                                                                                     Dam:  Quilla del Recreo


Kezo Crveni Mayestoso

Sire;  Karas Crveni Mayestoso                                                                                                       Dam: Isis Kovacica


Nero di Casa Scognamiglio

Sire: Xaro dei Monti dell Laga                                                                                                       Dam: Dolly di casa Scognamiglio


Ilka’s Tequila 

Sire:  Vegas                                                                                                                             Dam: Godalis Hela – (Nero von Nobachtal/Farina v.d. Noriswand)


 Karat vom Hirschmorgen

Sire:  Yello v. St. Michael’s Berg (Enzo v. Buchhorn)                                                                           Dam: Uda vom Eckopf


Texas vom Feuermelder

Sire: Gauner v.d. roten Matter –(Zasko v. Thermodos)                                                                       Dam: Butterfly v. Trentino – (Packo v. Feuermelder)


Waiko vom Schaumbergersland

Sire:  Xano vom Finkenschlag  - (Karat’s Yoker – T3 )                                                                 Dam:Polara vom Schaumbergersland – (Champ v. Dakota)



 Dex v.d. Hertenwiese

Sire:  Zeckel v.d. Mausepitz                                                                                                        Dam:  Nena vom Georgsbruch.

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Janosch von Messina

Sire: Vegas                                                                                                                                   Dam :Puppe vom Messina-(Hill von Farbenspiel/Ilsa v. Messina-Esko v. Danieschne Hof)                                                                      


Jannik v. Messina – litter brother


Mika zur Medbacher Muhle

SireL: Digger (Zamp v. Thermodos)                                                                                                      Dam: Zindja v. Agilolfinger – (Nero v. Nobachtal)


Will vom Hutberg

Sire: Jaguar vom Arkanum  (Karat Yoker T3)                                                                                           DAM: Palme v. Hutberg –(Quantum v. Arminius)


Watz v.d. Neudenauer Holzteige

Yukon v.d. Bastille –(Hill vom Farbenspiel)                                                                                      Dam: Urmel vom Hannover Anerhof – (Champ von Dakota)


Yako van Noort

Sire: Vegas                                                                                                                              Dam: Cenia v. Noort – Dux v. Haus Kalbach _(Dux dell Valcuvia)


 Zerxis vom Osterbergerland

Sire:Merlin v. Osterbergerland  (Nero v. Nobachtal)                                                                                  Dam: Quendiv. Osterbergerland –(Nicos vom Leithwald)]


Aivengo vom st. Michael’s Berg

Sire: Elroy v. St. Michael’s Berg  (Zamp v. Thermodos)                                                                        Dam: Dolli v. Holtkamper Hof –(Yello v. St. Michael’s Berg)


Quo vom Status Quo


Sire: Vegas                                                                                                                                        Dam: Targa vom Oschentor – (Esko v. Danieschen Hof)



Gander v.d. Peperbocht


Sire: Nando vom Gollerweiher – (Yello v. St. Michael’s Berg)                                                                        Dam; Chena vom Oostweg –(Ghandi v. Arlett)




Tino v.d. Fangschleuse


Sire: Quentin v.d. Fangschleuse –(Arak v. Frankengold)                                                                            Dam: Connie v. Poignitzer Land –(Leo von Trafalga)




Vando vom Harzer Grubenlicht


Sire:  Ilbo vom Holtkamper See –(Yak vom Frankengold)                                                                           Dam: Una vom Elzmundungsraum – (Jello v. Michelstadter Rathaus)





Karat’s oliver


Sire: Karat’s Yoker

Snedsted Jackie –(Heiei’s Cantona)




Lennox von Silvalacus



Sire: Yumbo v.d. Barenschlucht – (Zamp v. Thermodos)

Dam: Bagira v. Silvalcus –(Xoltan von Modithor)






Poldi vom Leckerbusch


Sire: Maestro v. Osterbergerland – Nero v. Nobachtal

Dam: Gondola v. Noort –  Huppy v. Arlett




Carly de la Petite Commune


Sire: Scott aus Agrigento –(Quantum v. Arminius)                                                                                      Dam: Vanda de la Petite Commune –(Nex v. Noriswand)




Rusty v.d. Lindenhayner Flur


Sire:  Quenn v. Loher Weg – (Uran v. Moorbeck)

Dam: Daisy vom Frankengold –(Zeppo vom Klebinger Schloss)



Joker von Silvalcus


Sire: Sammo v. Team  Fiemereck  -(Nero v. Nobachtal)

Dam:Bagira v. Silvalcus



The following five dogs were T 4


Orrex v. Martelsberg


Sire:  Dux de Cuatra Flores –(Hill v. Farbenspiel)

Dam: Bella von Godalis –(Nero v. Nobachtal).




Yvo v. Wildsteigerland


Sire: Odin v. Holtkamper Hof  -(Yak v. Frankengold)

Dam:  Dixi v. Wildsteigerlandhaus –(Karat’s Yoker)



Grischa v. Holtkamper See


Sire: Naxos v. Holtkamper See –(Zamp v. Thermodos)

Dam:  Ranjo v. Holtkamper See –(Vitus v. Holtkamper See)



Ayrton v. Klosterbogen   -


Sire Karat’s Yoker

Dam: Ohitska Carriere De Guise





Ilka’s Strolch


Sire: Bravos v. Steffen Haus (Esko v. Danieschen Hof)

Dam: Godalis Hela – (Nero v. Nobachtal)