2007     German Shepherd Dog  Sieger” Show


 Here are details of the eight   dogs that received a V.A. – Excellent select  - rating at the 2007 Sieger show held at Braunschweig, Germany  from the 31st. august to  2nd. September 2007.    Details of  the  first ten dogs that received “V” – excellent ratings have also been included.

  For  the benefit of students of bloodlines, I have given  brief details of the pedigrees of these animals.

(1)   Pakros d' Ulmental.  ( 2138739)  Pakros was   the dog placed first and winner of the “Sieger” title for 2007.   Sire of Pakros was  the 2003 “Sieger”  Bax von der Luisenstrasse.  Sire of Bax  was  the V.A. rated dog Odin v. Hirschel.  The dam of Bax was Beaury v.d. Huis Kirura was also V.A.rated.    Dam of Parkos was the  V.A.  bitch and Siegerin – Karma vom Ochsenter -  Sire of Karma was    Wasko d’Ulmental.    Dam of Karma was Feli vom Ochsentor

(2)   Quenn vom Loher Weg – ( 2119344) Sire of Quenn was Uran vom Moorbeck – sired by Ursus von Batu out Vina vom Moorbeck.  Dam of Quenn was Elsa vom Kuckucksland – sired by Emo v.d. Wienerau, out of Kerrie vom Feurmelder

(3)   Dux de Cuatro Flores –  (2127932)sired by Hill vom Farbenspeil – sire of Hill was  Huppy vom Arlette.  Sire of Huppy was Eros.v.d  Luisenstrasse.   Dam of Dux was Lina von Arminius, sired by the V.A. rated Reserve Sieger - Jango vom Furstenberg out of the V.A. 2 BITCH Kelll von Arminius

(4) Vegas  du Haut Mansard – (2164725) sired  by the Sieger Pakros –  details above - out    of   Rangoon du Haut Mansard.

 Sire of Rangoon was the French bred – rated V.A. French Show – Owen du Fosse de Norva – a son of Jango.  Dam of Rangoon was Jalna u Haut Mansard.

(5.)    Orbit vom Huhnegrab – (2107789)sired by the double Sieger  -2001 and 2002 – Yasko vom Farbenspiel – who was a  Ursus son out of the Siegerin Connie vom Farbenspiel. 

      Dam of Orbit was Pirie vom Haus Dexel.  This is interesting breeding because the sire of Pirie was the V.A. 2  rated dog Timo vom Berrekasten, a sable dog that was not very popular with most breeders in Germany .   For this reason does not feature prominently in the pedigrees of many top show winners.  The dam of Pirie was the V.A. bitch, bred by Heinz Scheerer, Margit vom Huhnegrab.   Orbit was sold to the  English German Shepherd Dog breeders John Cullen  and is now in England.

(6.)  Nando vom Gollerweiher  - (2123269) Sired by Yello vom St.-Michaelsberg –  a son of the Sieger Enzo v.    Buchhorn out of Pia vom St.-Michaelsberg.    The Dam of Nando was Zandy vom Bierstadter Hof, sired by the Rikkor v. Bad Boll son Kevin vom Murrtal out of Anika vom Bierstadter Hof.

(7.) Ingodos Agassi – ( 2162689) Norwegian bred and owned  by Frank Goldlust.  Sired by the Ursus son Ghandi von  Arlett, out of Wendrina von der Kahler Heide.      The dam of Ingodos Agassi was Nodessa Ingodos, who was sired by the V.A. dog Untox v. Ducati out  Hollis Ingodos.

(8.)  Odin vom Holtkamper Hof, (2138918) was  the eighth and last  dog to be classified  V.A.   He was  sired by Yak vom Frankengold out of Riska vom Holtkamper See.   Yak was sired by  Hoss vom Larchenhain, bred by Helmut Buss, out of the V.A. bitch Lea vom Holtkamper See.     Riska was sired by Wallace aus Agrigento out of Wanni vom Holtkamper See.

Next are the top ten of the dogs that received V. – (Excellent) ratings. Brief details of bloodlines have also been mentioned.

1,  Yimmy v. Contra – (2168629) owned by Erich Orschler – was  sired by the double Sieger he bred, Larus v. Batu.    Larus was sired by the double Sieger Yasko  out of Jitta v. Batu.   The dam of Yimmy was Leah v. Contra,  sired by  Harto von Sendling out of Remy v. Contra.

Leah v. Contra’s breeding is very interesting and also very surprising!   Her sire was Harto von Sendling.  Her dam was Remy v. Contra.   Both Harto and Remy were sired by Vitus v. Haus Farrenkopf..   So this represents a half brother to half sister mating!

2.  Aron della Terra de Fort –(2175810) sired by  Mack v. Aducht out of  an Italian bred bitch “Alina”.

 The Sire of Mack v. Aducht was the Sieger Rikkor v. Bad Boll.  The Dam of Mack was Quale aus Wattenscheid, sired by the double Sieger Fanto v. Hirschel.     The Italian Bred dam of Aron della Terr de Fort, Alina, was sired by a dog named Carmignan Romeo..

3.  Negus vom Holtkamper See  ( 2152835)sired by the 2006 Sieger Zamp vom Termodos, out of Raica vom Holtkamper See.   “Zamp” was sired by the V.A. dog Quantum v. Arminius out of Ute vom Termodos.   Raica was sired by Wallace aus Agrigento out of Wari von Holtkamper See.

4, Quantum vom Fiemereck.  ( 2146848)  Sired by Rocky v. Haus Tepferd out of Rabea vom Fiemereck.  Rocky was sired by the V.A. dog Ando vom Altenberger Land out of Saskia vom Altenberger Land.

Rabea vom Fiemerck was sired by Miko v. Alexyvro – a Ursus v. Batu son - out of Urte vom Fiemereck – a Cary v. Fiemereck son.

5. Uran v.d Willehlmswarte –( 2157769) sired by the V.A. 2  dog “Dux” – referred to earlier – out of Luci vom Feuermelder,   Luci was sired Igel v. Wollenhaupt out of Carmen vom Feuermelder.   Igel is a son of the 1996 Sieger “Visum v. Arminius”.

6. Bazi  von der Urbecke,  (2138725) sired by Quando vom Sofienwald out of Erthe von der Urbecke.   Quando was sired by Flex v. Tronje out of the V.A. bitch Annabel vom Sifienwald.

Erthe von der Urbecke, the Dam of Bazi was sired by the Double Sieger Yakso out of Malte von der Urbecke.

7. Yerom vom Haus Sahilin (2165494) sired by Mark vom Schwalmbertal out of Heska von der Werther Muhle.

Mark was sired by Henry von der Dunieschenke out of Ira von Schwalmbertal.     The Dam of Yerom, Heska, was sired by Baru v. Haus Yu, out of Dolli von der Werther-Muhle. Henry was sired by Esko v. Danischen Hof.

8.   Djenges   v. Santei Home  (2186701)  was sired  by Maffay von Arminius – an Esko v. Danischen Hof son, out of Finta vom michelstadter Rathaus.   The Dam of Djenges was Bibbi von Arline, sired by Yasko out of Angie vom Dusrani.

9. Illbo vom Holtkamper See  ( 2133722) sired by Yak v. Frankengold, the Hoss v. Larchenhein son referred to earlier, out of Edna vom Holtkamper See.  Edna was sired by Pascha von der Jahnhohe out of Beike vom Beustertal.

10.  Kali von der Werther – Muhle –( 2129479)  sired by the Yasko v. Farbenspiel son Erasmus v. Noort out of Alke v. Noort.    The Dam of Kali was Dolli  von der Werther Muhle, sired by Xandor von Tronje out of Velly von der Werther Muhle.

It  is  clear from even a casual examination of the pedigrees of these top animals,  that the names of certain dogs keep re-appearing.  These are very dominant animals that have made their mark on the breed.  There are some authorities in Germany however, who are of the opinion that the present gene poll is far too limited.    There are  those who believe that it would be of great benefit  to introduce  fresh blood and even some working lines into the breed.   There has been a move in this direction  by  a small number of breeders, but it does not appear to be a policy that the majority of breeders have followed.